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Services offered

Civil and industrial engineering

Services offered


  • Architectural design

  • Direction of works

  • Technical surveys

  • Property purchase consulting

  • Renovations

  • Seismic compliance

  • Assistance for building investments

  • Zoning and Cadastral Procedures

  • Restoration and Redevelopment of existing structures

  • Preparation of specialised technical regulations;

  • Surveys and economic feasibility studies for complex works

  • Verification of flame resistance of wood and wood-steel structures.

Eng. Vernole Antonio is renowned for high quality services in the civil and industrial engineering sectors, providing services for the design and execution of both large and small buildings.

Areas of operation
Direction of works;
Electrical systems design;
Military barracks design;
Shopping centre design;
Church design;
Nightclubs design;
Tunnels design;
Energy production and photovoltaic plant design;
Public venues design;
Hospitals design;
Gyms design;
Schools design;
Heating systems design;
Building renovations;
Accident prevention;
Exterior building restorations;
Energy saving;
Interior design.

Structural Engineering
• Structural Design
• Calculations, final designs and working designs for structures in wood laminate and in mixed wood-steel systems.
• Surveys for compliance and structural reinforcement
• Static and dynamic analysis of structures
• Assessment of seismic risk, compliance and conformity/safety
• Bill of quantities and preparation of drawings
• Design consultancy and direction of works
• Consulting services for companies
• Acceptance and structural testing
• Structural monitoring and testing of buildings and infrastructures
• Surveys and tests on buildings, roads and bridges
• Structural diagnostics and identification
• Analysis of cave-in phenomena (collapses, corrosion and instability phenomena)
• Structural integrity and safety
• Fragile fractures and metal structure fatigue in civil, railway and industrial environments
• Special structures of significant constructive importance requiring particular calculations

• Thermal systems design
• Energetic Certification
• Design of water systems for sewage and fire prevention
• Electrical systems design
• Detection of water infiltration from terraces and roofs.
• Detection of water infiltration from retaining walls.
• Detection of water losses from pipes in apartments.
• Detection of water losses from garden pipes.
• Distinction between clean and waste water.
• Mapping of thermal and hydraulic systems.
• Identification of energy dispersions from buildings.
• Identification of Condensation, Rising Humidity, Humidity from retaining walls.
• Measurement of Thermal Insulation of walls using heat flux sensor.
• Measurement of drafts in residential buildings using Blower Door Test.
• Step and touch measurements
• Insulation resistance measurements
• Attestations of Energetic Certification of properties.
• Bill of Quantities for problem resolution.
• Preparation of Technical Reports
• Design of civil residential buildings in energetic classes A and A+
• Assistance for compliance with bureaucratic requirements at local entities (ARTA, ANAS, ASL, ACA, VVFF, UTF, UTOV) and obtainment of relative permits for the installation of fuel stations and food and commercial businesses with medium distribution.

• Preparation of POS (Operational Safety Plan) and PSC (Safety Coordination Plan)

Alternative energy
• Photovoltaic plant design
• Wind farm design
• Solar thermal system design

Design validation and checks
• Design validation
• Design checks

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